Melissa Smelt, Ormeau, 4208

Melissa Smelt

David Jones Real Estate, Ormeau, 4208

David Jones Real Estate

31 Gawain Drive, Ormeau
Queensland 4208
Agency overview

We are a Gold Coast real estate agency, determined to change the image and practices of the real estate industry here. The industry has been doing the same old things for so long that it has normalised mediocrity.

Our Points Of Difference
We Put People First
We Create Innovative Sales and Targeted Marketing Strategies
We Are Early Adopters Of Advanced Technology Platforms
We Are Defined By A Strong Moral Compass

Marketing Plan

I am formally trained in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Online Marketing, Negotiation is one of the most important aspect of selling a home and starts at the very first meeting between seller and agent. Your first discussion has an impact on the price at which your home sells and the level of satisfaction you receive from the process.
Some negative factors that affect your final price which is governed by the negotiation process are:
Poor marketing.
Poor copy writing exposing weakness or desperation.
Pricing techniques.
Selling methods.
And the most important is your agent’s negotiating ability.

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