Real Estate Agent Fees in Sydney

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How do commissions work when selling your Sydney house?

A quick introduction to Sydney real estate agent fees

Few will deny the expense of living in Sydney, both in terms of real estate and the cost of living. Sydney is made up of 658 suburbs and is the most populous city in the whole of Australia. Despite the higher cost of living, in 2014 Mercer Quality of living ranks Sydney tenth in the world in terms of quality of living – so it's not all bad news for Sydney-siders.

Due to the high population and striving economy found in Sydney, commission and fees on selling your home are lower on average. We've also seen a trend of commission and fees lowering in Sydney so, it's good news all round if you're thinking of selling your home in Sydney. However, it's also important to consider that the market in Sydney is set to cool with experts predicting a decline.

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What's the average commission rate in Sydney?

It's good news for those who are selling in Sydney, as we see commissions in the city are the lowest compared to all other capital cities in Australia. While the average real estate agent selling fees in Sydney vary, the average commission rate sits at 1.87%. Compared to the overall New South Wales average of 2.01%, Sydney agents tend to charge lower commission rates due to the increased competition.

Some of the lowest real estate agent fees in New South Wales are located in Southern Sydney in the St George area, including suburbs like Banksia, with an average commission rate sitting around 1.53% and Bardwell Park, with an average of approximately 1.65%. Competition to enter the property market is strong in Sydney, and high market activity can somewhat account for the low agent fees in these areas.

The below graph illustrates how Sydney compares with the rest of Australian capital cities. Sydney ranks lowest next to Adelaide and we can see the huge difference found between Sydney and Tasmania is very telling. Sydney's competition amongst real estate agents we can then conclude is rife.

Average Commission Rate by City

City Commission Rate
Canberra 2.19%
Sydney 1.87%
Darwin 2.49%
Brisbane 2.52%
Adelaide 1.90%
Hobart 2.67%
Melbourne 1.93%
Perth 2.28%
Average Commission Rate by City - From LocalAgentFinder Data Researched September 2022

It's interesting to note the most sought-after properties with the highest property value in Sydney are proving to be those with development potential. Properties with lifestyle factors are important too, with buyers also showing a keen interest in both houses and apartments close to amenities such as schools and supermarkets.

The amount your agent will charge you in commission is always going to be a consideration for you when choosing a real estate agent . However, we advise you to consider other factors that will contribute to ensuring your property sells and that your agent is the right person for the job. Cheaper doesn't always mean better, and this is especially true when it comes to selecting your real estate agent. You need to consider if the agent will meet your needs as a property owner. Information like an agent's local knowledge, their previous history selling houses like yours and their confidence in their ability to sell your home is important.

Negotiating fees and commissions in Sydney

To make sure you are in the strongest position to negotiate, it is important to understand how commissions are calculated and the various real estate agent commission methods that are available to you.

In general, there are two types of real estate agent commission structures an agent will use:

A fixed-rate method is a common type of commission. You agree to pay a fixed fee and as the price is fixed, it will never change.

Another one is the tiered percentage method. You agree to pay a certain percentage of the sale price up to a certain dollar amount, and a higher percentage for anything above this amount to the agent based on the final sale price.

To get an estimate of the real estate agent's commission rate when selling your property, head to our commissions calculator page.

Agent fees and commissions vary between metro and regional areas. Factors such as average sale prices impact this. Finding out what this means for you is made easy with LocalAgentFinder's leading online comparison service offering local agent information for sales performance, average sales price, fees and agent commission and more.

Other real estate agent fees to consider in Sydney

Marketing fees in Sydney

It's a good idea to request a breakdown of marketing and advertising costs from your agent before you sign them on. Some real estate agents in Sydney will include marketing fees and advertising costs within their commission, and other agents will charge marketing campaign fees in addition.

What's included in marketing and advertising costs?

  • Property listings on real estate websites
  • Property listings in local print publications such as newspapers and magazines
  • A sign board for your property
  • Professional photography and videography
  • Flyer and brochure creation for open for inspections
  • Social media amplification of your property listing

How much are real estate agent marketing fees in Sydney?

Marketing fees can vary between $500 and $2000 in Sydney. In inner city areas and higher populated suburbs, marketing costs tend to be more expensive.

Auctioneer fees

Similarly to marketing costs, some real estate agents will charge an auctioneer fee on top of the commission amount itself. This is for the services of the auctioneer on auction day. An auctioneer fee generally sits at around the $600 dollar mark in Sydney and can be influenced by estimated property value.

Staging fees

Home staging is the process of preparing your home for inspections, photography and selling day. It may involve simple styling tips, all the way through to furnishing your home for the duration of the selling campaign.

A good real estate agent will either be able to give you staging advice themselves, generally as a part of their commission, or may connect you with professional home stagers in your area.

Staging can cost you a few thousand dollars, but again can vary depending on the size of your property and the duration of the selling campaign. We recommend asking for tips from your real estate agent as a first step and hire a professional if they recommend doing so.

Is there more competition amongst real estate agents in Sydney?

In a highly populated city like Sydney, property prices are higher, and there are more agents competing for business. It's going to be tempting to choose an agent with a lower commission rate. However, we recommend comparing at least three real estate agents, including not only their commission rates, but the services included in that fee. It's also a good idea to look at sales history. This is so you can understand why they're charging the rate they are, so you can weigh up which real estate agent has a better deal.

A higher agent commission rate could put you off, but remember, the right real estate agent with the right strategy can add thousands of dollars value to your property sale. So it's worth looking into why the agents charge particular rates. By using our real estate agent comparison service, you can compare real estate agent commission rates as well as their sales history, marketing fees, independent homeowner reviews and more. You can do so by using our online comparison service.

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Top Tips for selling your home in Sydney

Homeowners in Sydney will be aware that the market is set to cool, after seeing exponential growth in recent years. It's looking like a good time to sell and so if you're thinking about starting the process, we have some tips that will help make the process a little easier.

Real estate agents charge different fees based on a number of factors, and certain areas across Sydney will generally exhibit lower real estate agent fees. To get a better idea of what agent fees are the norm in your area, compare several local agents.

It's important to choose an agent that has a good knowledge of your local area including its features and amenities; whether you live in Penshurst or Darling Harbour, the right agent will know how to market the strengths of your property.

Sydney is a property hotspot, but when it comes to selling your property it's important that you take your time when finding the right agent for you. Have a list of criteria and questions at hand and use that as a basis for comparing agents.

While the most sought-after properties in Sydney are proving to be those with development potential, properties with lifestyle factors are important too, with buyers also showing a keen interest in both houses and apartments close to amenities such as schools and supermarkets.

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Which suburbs have the highest real estate commission in Sydney?

The suburbs with the highest real estate commission rates in Sydney as of May 2021 are Berambing, Bilpin, Blaxlands Ridge, East Kurrajong, Kurrajong, Kurrajong Heights, Kurrajong Hills, Mount Tomah, Mountain Lagoon and Wheeny Creek with an average commission rate of 2.75%. Agnes Banks, Bowen Mountain, Canoelands, Douglas Park, Forest Glen, Glenorie, Lawson, Linden, Wentworth Falls and Woodford come second with a commission rate of 2.49%. This is based on a property sale of $500k.

Which suburbs have the lowest real estate commission in Sydney?

The suburbs with the lowest real estate commission in Sydney are Brooklyn, Dangar Island and Milsons Passion with an average commission rate of 1.10% followed by Berowra Creek, Berowra Heights and Berowra Waters at 1.35%. This is based on a property sale of $500k.

Do you pay more commission closer to the centre of Sydney's CBD?

In areas closer to the Sydney CBD, commission rates are generally lower because there's high competition and the agents try to offer competitive rates. When it comes to regional areas, the commission rates tend to be higher because there's less competition for the agents and they can charge higher rates.

Which regions have the highest real estate commission in Sydney?

As of May 2021, Sydney - Outer West and Blue Mountains regions have the highest real estate commission rate in Sydney with an average commission rate of 2.02%. Sydney - Outer South West comes second with an average rate of 1.98%. This is based on a property sale of $500k.

Which regions have the lowest real estate commission in Sydney?

As of May 2021, Sydney - Sutherland has the lowest real estate commission rate in Sydney with an average commission rate of 1.70% followed by Sydney - Eastern Suburbs at 1.75%. This is based on a property sale of $500k.

Real Estate Agent Fees & Commissions by City

To determine average commission rates, LocalAgentFinder took the average commission of all active agents respectively on 26 May 2021. This included agents with tiered and fixed commission structures based on a $500,000 selling price. This page was updated in November 2022.